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Temperature control

Separtherm WISD

separtherm  WISD


More and more application in PLC is realized by high or low temperatures. Columns can be equipped with thermostated jackets for such use and liquid for them is prepared in circulating baths. Separlab offers robust instruments covered in stainless steel boxes.

Separtherm TJ

separtherm tj


Thermostat column jackets separtherm TJ a re universal acrylic glass jackets for heating or cooling of preparative liquid chromatography columns on temperatures between  -10 °C and + 90 °C.
Water from circulating device is coming to a bottom input on the side of bottom circular plate and then is moving along the column up to the upper jacket plate where is an output. separtherm  TJ  jackets are designed to keep on the selected temperature the column itself. In some cases but, depending on column dimensions, mobile phase flow rate and temperature, may be necessary either to form a spiral exchanger from column input tubing sank in the jacket or to use a special exchanger to reach proper temperature inside the column.
separtherm  TJ jackets are equipped with a simple stand.