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Separchrom PC01

separchrom pc01


High performance Columns with biaxial compression

Columns Separchrom PC01 correspond to the highest requirements of preparative liquid chromatography. PC01 columns are designed to be used in a mode of biaxial compression. Columns can be packed by dynamic slurry technique or by sedimentation method. They are equipped with identical pistons on input and output. Pistons are provided by Poremet® stainless steel (AISI 316 L) frits with porosity 3 µm and minimum hydraulic resistance. Liquid distributing system is installed under each frit. The design guarantees perfect piston flow and simple accessibility of frit for cleaning.

Separchrom PC01 columns are made of high quality stainless steel (AISI 316 or AISI 316L) and their inner surface is polished to reach Ra < 0,3 µm. Column flanges are not welded, but screwed on the column tube. It means that there is no temperature increasing during manufacture and thus no change of steel properties. Columns have input piston with large stroke (possibly through whole column length) when it is moved by a force generated by a hydraulic cylinder or by flange bolts tightening. Single hydraulic cylinders fitted on upper flange with manual oil pumps are offered as well as fully automated stands for columns’ packing/unpacking procedure.

Separchrom PC01 column output pistons movement is provided mechanically by tightening the flange bolts. In this case is functional stroke of the piston approximately 15 % of the column I.D. Pistons are sectional, frit squeezed to the frit ring can be released from piston body and cleaned. Columns are delivered with legs made of stainless steel closed profiles and fitted to the upper tube flange. It means that output flange is fully accessible for disassembling and sorbent releasing.
PC 01 columns are completed by a broad scale of accessories as filling adapters, slurry mixing vessels, slurry transporting pumps etc. Sophisticated column systems are accomplished by automatic filling using dynamic slurry technique as well as automatic emptying procedure.

Separchrom PC02



Columns for Medium Pressure with axial bed compression

Medium pressure stainless steel column are intended for separation where high pressure is not necessary, but high efficiency can be still expected.  Separchrom PC02 fill requirements of many users. They are made of cutted and polished stainless steel tubes and equipped with ultra high molecular weight polyethylene made pistons on input and Poremet® stainless steel (AISI 316 L) frits with porosity 5 µm and minimum hydraulic resistance. Flow distributors are incorporated in to the piston and output flange. Patented liquid distributing system guarantees perfect piston flow. Columns have functional stroke of the input piston approximately 60 % of the inner diameter of the column when working with flange bolts and higher when hydraulic cylinder is used.

Separchrom PC06

pc 06


Columns for Medium Pressure without bed compression

separchrom PC06 are intended for applications where sorbent does not change the volume during the use. Columns are equipped with frits and distributors incorporated in to input and output flanges. They are made of polished stainless steel tubes and equipped with non woven polypropylene frits with porosity 10 µm. Flow distributors are incorporated in to column flanges.




Hydraulic systems for prep chromatography columns

Hydraulic system SEPARPRESS for prep chromatographic columns. Used to compress the piston inside the column and to compact the sorbent. Supplied as a kit that includes a hydraulic cylinder - double action (D) or with spring (S) with connecting hoses, oil pump - manual (M) or driven by motor (E) with control device - mechanical manometer (M) or electronic system with pressure gauge (E).