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Clarity is a modern and universal datastation which allows to monitor detector signals (including diode detector spectra) to evaluate them, to calculate and use calibration curves and evaluate column efficiency. It perfectly process chromatography data including problematic peaks integrating. Extensions provide functions for specific separation techniques such as GPC.

Together with optional control LC module Clarity provides the possibility of complete chromatography handling system. SEPARLAB modules (pump PP 03 module and fraction collector FC module) were tested by Dataapex and they are now fully integrated in Clarity system. It is possible to program both pump flow rate and gradient composition from the PC as well as simply fill data tables for fraction collectors with five or ten outputs. Each Separlab component can be simply connected to PC through USB port. Fully valid method of each experiment is automatically saved in chromatogram file.

Clarity is fully ready to support tools for GLP / 21 CFR Part 11. Certificate of Software Validation is a document that certifies that the software was developed, tested and structurally validated following a Certificate Quality System conforming to GLP, GAMO, GMP and ISO 9001 Guidelines. The Test IQ (Installation Qualification) is an integral component of the station. This test monitors that the software has been properly installed and the results can be accessed from a printed protocol. Validator for OQ (Operational Qualification) is an optional package available for testing and validating the station. Logon with Password and User Accounts forming with selectable rights, unique user profiles are here. Password expiration and minimal length as well as electronic signature are implemented. Audit Trail of whole system, chromatograms, calibrations and sequence is possible. History of all methods and calibrations are saved as part chromatogram files. And not only this!




Software ECOMAC is designed with maximal effort to make easy operation of Separlab chromatographic systems with detectors made by ECOM. It is suited for both units controlling and data collecting. Equipments are connected to the PC using RS232, or USB (by means of RS232/USB converter). Software detects automatically almost of all units, so there is no need complicated communication installation:

Program most important features:

  • Easy installation
  • Connecting using USB or RS232
  • No need A/D converter
  • Possibility to start up to 8 stations at the same time
  • Data export in various formats
  • Possibility of external start and external mark
  • Secured access
  • Unit controlling and data collecting from one place

On the screen we can watch parameters of all units for example detector absorbance, pump pressure and column oven temperature. It is possible to record, print and export all data. It is impossible to evaluate chromatograms and used method is not saved with chromatogram.

Supported formats by data export:

  • Text formats: native text format, two column text format and CSW Clarity text format
  • Binary: native binary CH-format, CSW (1.7) Raw format, Matlab 5.0(Octave) MAT format, AIA NETCDF