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HPLC laboratory systems

Separpur PCS

separpur pcs


separpur PCS chromatographs present compact universal and reliable units for laboratory scale prep HPLC. Modification of basic system is possible in broad range to tailor the final product according customer needs.

separpur PCS chromatographs are designed to operate with high pressure, high performance columns having inner diameter in a range 10 mm - 100 mm. They consist of:

  • Pulse less pump separtrix PP03
  • Photometric (UV or UV-VIS) detector 
  • Prep 6 port loop injector
  • Carousel fraction collectors separflow FFC 96 
  • Keyboard and display 
  • Clarity chromatostation or/and with ECOMAC MS software   
  • Option accessories according demand 

Separpur PRO

separpur pro


separpur PRO is an universal system for separation and purification of proteins and peptides by high performance & high pressure preparative liquid chromatography. System includes everything needed for the successful separation of proteins and peptides and their identification. It allows performing all known separation methods: absorption chromatography (mostly in reversed phase mode), affinity chromatography, size-exclusion chromatography and ion exchange chromatography.
separpur PRO allows performing separations at room and at elevated temperature but also at temperatures close to zero, which is needed when cleaning particularly sensitive substances. System is able to run high-performance chromatography column packed with microparticles (10 µm up to 15 µm) because of its high pump pressure (250 bar). System triplex pump PP03 is characterized by a compact stainless steel head with 3 pistons and pulse less flow. Thanks to the stepping motor it has a wide range of flow rates and allows the use wide range of column diameters starting with micropreparation columns (I.D. 10 mm) up to almost industrial scale ones with I.D. 150 mm.
On the pump head entry is installed a gradient mixing unit equipped with five-fast solenoid valves with PEEK made bodies. Three of them are used to produce gradient, remaining two can be programmed for on off function according a given time schedule.
separpur PRO exploits an excellent UV-VIS detector DAD 12, working parallel on four wavelengths and making fast spectral scan. The detector is compatible with 3D module of Clarity data station (part of supply) upholding the best possible overview of purity and uniformity of fraction. There are two next submodules for monitoring pH and conductivity of the mobile phase on column output. Monitors are characterized by high sensitivity and their data are automatically corrected on temperature dependence.
separpur PRO  hardware is divided into three parts, which are placed in identical stainless steel made cabinets with rounded edges and sloping front panels (upper and bottom). In the bottom cabinet is located the pump; UV detector, gradient valves and a passive mixing cell are located in a middle one. On the slanted front panel of this module are mounted loop injection valve, a bypass valve and a valve for reversing the flow through the column. The panel allows easy installation of hydraulic connections among elements or install of new ones.
Chromatograph separpur PRO allows working with medium or low-pressure columns as well - which are typical for older methods of protein purification.
Nevertheless the use of high-efficiency microparticular sorbents increase purifying performance as high molecular weight of proteins are characterized by low diffusion rate into sorbent particles.
separpur PRO can be completed either by rotating fraction collectors separflow FFC 96. In the case of large range of separations separpur  FC 5-5 or separpur  FC 5 -10 are recommended.