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Detectors for prep chromatography

Photometric UV-VIS detectors

Photometric UV-VIS detectors


Ecom (Prague CR) manufactures UV-VIS detectors which can be used in prerp chromatography. They are equipped with diode array and htus monitor more wavelengths to verify purity of analyzed samples or to be used in situations when some substances absorb on different wavelengths. There are alternatives with remote cells available too (for large scale systems).

All detectors can be controlled manually by keyboard and display but also using RS232, USB or LAN and proper software ‚Clarity, Ecomac). At the back panel are available four analog outputs and connector for I/O logical input and output signals.

The unit’s DAD (diode array detector) design offers many advantages:

  • online scan of whole spectrum with speed up to 20 Hz which allows to create 3D picture.
  • lamp work hours are counted using the built-in counter for both deuterium and halogen lamps.
  • the cell is easy to replace from the side of the detector.
  • easy service and diagnostic using display and keyboard or by service SW.

Refractometric detectors

refractometric detector


RI2012 is an analytical RI detector, but with bypass can be used for PLC too. It offers high sensitivity, stability and reproducibility for optimal RI detection. The optical system is now better insulated against temperature changes and with programmable temperature settings ensures a stable baseline and an optimal signal / noise ratio. The auto-zero, purge, polarity, temperature and frequency of data output are externally controllable by USB and RS232 Port. RID system status such as temperature and total voltage can be externally retrieved by RS232 or USB. For preparative chromatography detector has to be used with automatic bypass unit.




separpass is a device which enables to use detector cells for preparative liquid chromatography together with analytic detectors. Often older analytic detectors are available, but due the low flow rates and limited pressures on the cell cannot be used. separpass allows the small amount of liquid to flow through the detector, while a large number of phases bypasses the detector cell. An overpressure for detector is generated by a spring force. Pressure drop for the detector can be changed by a control knob. The bypass eliminates any adjustment of the flow during separation - only on the beginning is set spring force by a rotating knob. The pressure on the detector cell can be set in the range 1 - 3 bar.




Preparative cells for Ecom photometric detectors can be divided into two groups. Standard inner cells are situated inside the detector unit and connection with the column is made by stainless steel or PTFE made tubing. External cells are situated on the column output and are connected to the detector by optical fiber cables.