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Sorbents Separspher




Separspher  is perfectly spherical highly pure silica with a high pressure resistance. Sorbents are made by standard procedures in a wide range of sizes of pores, so that both can be used for chromatography of low molecular weight and high molecular weight compounds including the SEC and GPC. Materials for reverse phase chromatography are characterized by effective endcapping. For chromatography, where the mobile phase which contains a very high percentage of water must be used RP sorbents which active layer is containing a small amount of polar groups (aqua) are delivered. Practically absolute endcapping is achieved by reaction in the gaseous phase and is used for sorbents labeled HE. These sorbents may therefore be successfully used for the SEC hydrophobic synthetic polymers. For SEC chromatography, hydrophilic polymers and biopolymers are useful  materials labeled DIOL.