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Fraction collectors separflow FC X-Y are designed to capture fractions in prep liquid chromatography. However, they can be used in other facilities where programmed collecting of liquid volume is required. It is designed for liquids, which are resistant to stainless steel, PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and UHMW polyethylene.
separflow FC X-Y typically consists of a box of electronics with the keyboard and the display on oblique front panel and a circular stainless steel segment with a radial groove which cross section is equivalent to a tube with I.D. X mm. The groove is connected to the liquid input and Y solenoid valves on output. Opening various valves is programmed. The outlet valves pipes are connected to flexible hose and to the liquid containers of proper size.
Collector can be controlled independently from the front panel keyboard or externally via RS232 serial port. In the external control is the keypad locked and it is possible only to display parameters. Always nevertheless works STOP button. Step time is 0,1 – 180 min. and pressure limit 2 bar.

Separflow FFC96

Separflow FFC 96


Flash fraction collector  separflow  FFC 96 is a portable turntable carousel collector with a plate diameter of 500 mm, which is equipped with two circles of glass tubes, each for 50 ml of a liquid (total of 96 tubes, i.e. up to 4800 ml).
Collector is designed for flow rates up to 400 ml/min. and therefore when it moves to the next position the fluid flow has to be closed. This is achieved in an original way. The collector head (see detail in figure) has to swing so that the outlet mouth moves from the outer to the inner row of tubes (and vice versa). During the movement is automatically closed flow of the liquid, which is collected in a cylindrical container on the top of the head beam. After re-opening the outflow channel drains fluid under its own weight into the next tube. The swinging motion of the collector head is provided by a separate servo mounted in the transverse head beam.
Control collector (keypad and backlit graphic display) is located on the sloping front panel cabinets, which is located below the carousel. In the closet is also located step motor and gearbox. The casing is made of stainless steel. Head with a transverse beam is easily removable and allows removal or replacement carousel plate. Lines for connecting the servomotor for swinging motion is going through the central column of the head and is equipped with robust connector.
Collector plate is mounted on a rotating plate which is fixed to the gearbox step motor. The plate is equipped with pins for the precise location of the plates. Own plate is made of UHMW polyethylene, which has excellent chemical resistance. Bore tubes are placed in a deep groove, which is at one point provided with an outlet plug. If the (albeit small) amount of the liquid overflows outside the tube, the liquid can be easily captured and then drained. Electronics collectors enables both simple sequential programming (may be used a maximum number of positions), and by programming positions. Move to the next position can be controlled from an external source.