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PLC industrial systems

Separsys HP 400, 800 FP, 300 DS

separsys 400


Industrial preparative chromatographs are usually tailored according user´s need. Therefore only an example of already delivered unit is introduced here. It is recommended to contact company specialists when a system specification is developed.
separsys HP 400 is an industrial unit for liquid high efficiency, high pressure preparative chromatography. It can be used for isocratic, high pressure, high performance chromatography. It is completely controlled by modified ECOMAC software only. The unit consists of (see schematic drawing):  

  • high-pressure column separchrom PC01 400 with an inside diameter 399 mm and length 1000 mm, column is packed with 15 µ spherical silica (sedimentation procedure of packing), maximum pressure 80 bar
  • block of mobile phase delivery control (including bypass and flow reversing) provided with manual high-pressure ball valves and electronic pressure sensors 
  • to the output column fixed detector cell PLCC 15 Ex and a detector FLASH 06S DAD 600 EX  
  • three membrane pumps hydracell  P3 (up to 8 l/min. and 70 bar each, oil level control) - two are in parallel and supply the mobile phase, the third delivers the mixture to be separated 
  • remote switchboard with three units of frequency converters ABB which supply power to pump motors and allow flow changes and electronic control unit separel 01 
  • PC computer using a modified software ECOMAC to set parameters of the separation process and to monitor both detector signal and column pressure
separsys 400